sombor calling

by Ana GreySheep from Profit from Poison zine

When talking about Sombor, many people start with „Sombor HAD a great scene, Sombor WAS …“. I can’t talk about that scene in early 90’s because I am too young, but I even don’t want to talk about it, because this is the right time to admit that this is not “golden era” for punk in Sombor. The scene is dead??? The scene doesn’t exist. My friend told me that long ago, and he was right. There are only individuals trying to make something. Some of them have succeeded in it, some of them are trying. We are trying … . Well, nice to meet you, I am Ana GreySheep, editor of Profit From Poison ‘zine from Sombor. Sorry for my sloppy English … maybe I could ask someone for help while translating, but this looks more interesting for me .

At the moment, I am recovering from a concert last night. That gig was a rare opportunity to have fun and listen to great bands in this town. So …

Csihas Benö (hardcore/powerviolence from Sombor), Ljubiša Samardžić (hardcore, crust from Zagreb, Croatia) … club Kazablanka (the only club in this town where you can -maybe- organize gigs).

After a long quiet period, this concert made us optimistic about everything. Wooow, we are going to have fun in our town. You are probably wondering why is that, why don’t we organize gigs more often, or why don’t we make anything!? Well, situation is like this: Sombor is a small town, somebody can say “quiet” but I’d rather say “dead” . This is not place for young people. After graduating from secondary school, everybody is moving away to study or to get a job in a big city. There are not enough young ambitious people to make something here. When I say “something” I think of concerts, happenings or just organizing something in connection with punk (and similar) music. Yes, one person is maybe enough for organizing, but then it comes to a problem “who is going to come on that gig?”… There are only a few people to come and see/hear it. We used to have a club; something like the place for young people, given to us by city government … but politician’s business, what can they do except screw all. Yes, we left without that place, because it was rearranged into some offices. Only we can do now is keeping our anger and wait for more people to sign a petition, ten of us can’t fight the law. OK, who cares about this … I have to write about Sombor, right? This town is becoming a place for old people with their grandchildren and a place for “people” who are into popular shitty folk music, for brainwashed followers of retarded folk culture which is served by media in this country. There’s no chance to get a job you wish, there’s no ambitions … people are blending together with emptiness in this town. But it comes to a weekend, when students are coming back home, and that is the opportunity to have fun and forget about daily routine. Yes, just like yesterday – weekend and a good concert is going on. We planned to get together a bit earlier, just to welcome the band from Croatia and of course to hang out before the gig. As usual, everything was late . I run out from home about 10 o’clock, meet with friends and then we heard that the band from Zagreb hadn’t arrived, they even hadn’t call anyone to say where they were. WTF is going on? I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but after an hour, everybody was here and everything seemed to be just fine. I was surprised when I saw many people coming. Really, I’ve seen some people after a long time; it was great talking to them and hanging there together. Talking, laughing, drinking … time run fast, and about midnight the first band, Csihas Beno, was about to start playing. Csihas Beno is young powerviolence band from Sombor. Powerviolence bands are very rare in this area, so this band is not a cliché, for sure. Very fast and energetic, short and loud, just what we’ve needed . Lyrics are not about usual boring themes which you can hear from most of the hardcore bands. Naked violence with “in your face” lyrics, what to say more!? They’ve made good atmosphere, and people were jumping, shouting … just as usual. Except songs from their album “Cyber Dark Trade Mark”, they played a few new songs, and I was really delighted. Great band! After about 30 minutes they’ve ended up … so we were back in front of the club, just drinking and talking rubbish. In the meantime even more people came and it was really great atmosphere even in front of the club.

The next and last band for that evening was Ljubiša Samardžic, hardcore, crust from Zagreb. Band is formed by ex-members of AK-47; so many people say Ljubiša Samardžic is the sequel to AK-47 story. They were active during the 90’s so many “older punx” came to see them and remember those times. Fistra, the singer of LjS, even talked about it between songs and also he presented their songs and opinions. The sound was great, they really floored me. What to say about atmosphere, people went crazy … everybody went crazy, young and older … it was great. And it came to the end. The last song was something like “all AK-47 hits in one song”-short version . I was really delighted.

The end. Bands are packing the instruments; members of LjS are leaving. Of course, we stayed in the club until late that night. About 4 o’clock I was walking home.

Damn, I am walking in the main street and no one is out there. No one! Everything was quiet. But after the show, this silence on a way home was great. I was thinking about the concert and about scene in Sombor on the whole. As I’ve already said, this is not “golden era” for punk in Sombor. Really nothing’s going on, nothing can happen. This is really boring town, really boring times. OK, but isn’t this strange? At the same time, Sombor has more paper fanzines than any other city in this area at the moment. A few good bands are coming from Sombor. Many gigs people talked about happened in Sombor. Yes, maybe it is strange. Let’s start with the bands. The most active band at the moment is Csihas Beno. As I said in gig report above, they’ve realized one album “Cyber Dark Trade Mark”, and they are preparing to get into the studio again. Also, here is the hardcore crust band Agitator. This band was active in early 90’s, some lineup changes had happened and they stopped playing for several years. Recently, “brand new line up” and Agitator is active playing and recording again. As I know they’ve realized the split tape with “Unutrašnji Bunt” years ago, and in 2008 they’ve recorded a demo for split with P.R.S.O!, also hardcore band from Sombor, but sadly they are not playing anymore. This is it? I think yes … damn, just a few months ago I could talk about at least two more bands, but who knows what happened – all of them stopped playing, just one after another. But maybe we can expect some new projects or bands in the future!? (Yes, we can ) Also I’d like to mention “138 band” (tribute to Misfits) and “Project Ramones” (also tribute band) which members were involved in many bands from the past. I think no one knows which of those bands are active (just not playing at the moment) or which of them stopped playing. I am not going to research that.

Let’s talk about fanzines. It seems that people like fanzines here, and of course it seems they like editing fanzines. Sombor has six active fanzines at the moment. Don’t forget that this is a small city, 6 is a lot . Let’s sort them starting from the oldest one. The first one is “Zakasneli ‘zine” written by Doca (singer in Csihas Beno). Fanzine is mainly about music but you can also find interesting columns, stories about art and culture and other editor thoughts. Next one is “Dead Like Me”. Authors of this fanzine, Srle and Ninna, also prefer music texts but I can’t miss Ninna’s columns which are great. “Mamma Newsletter” is fanzine from Sombor, written by Suzzy who is also working on Mamma records, so this fanzine lets you know everything about Mamma’s releases. Next please … “Uzabuna”. This fanzine started as a comic ‘zine with several authors, but one of them, Sneža, is the only one who keeps working on it. Now, Uzabuna is fanzine with columns, stories, comics, jokes and music interviews. Then comes my fanzine “Profit From Poison”. It started like a music fanzine, but I am trying to turn it into a fanzine with much more columns, people’s opinions, stories and reports. The youngest one is “Kafilerija”, written by Igor and Vanja. They had only one issue, I hope it will not be the only one. I have to mention “Pogonik”, alternative magazine about underground culture. It is edited by a group of people from organization “Pogon”.

Aaargh … I don’t want to write a scene report, this is only a brief description of things made in Sombor . So, what about gigs? If everything is so quiet and boring here how can I talk about any gigs?  Summer is the time of the year when Sombor is alive and when something is happening. Really nothing so special, but worth of attention, and many people came here on summer concerts and festivals. Last year we organized many concerts and welcomed great bands from other countries. Many people from other cities came here, and it was great to hang out with together. Summer is the part of the year when everyone (not only punx) can find something interesting in this town. At least we can always go camping and spend the day in nature. Nature is what we have for sure. I hope this summer will be interesting, too. We are already thinking about future gigs and festivals; so wish us luck. And of course, everyone is welcomed … that’s for sure, people here are always ready for meeting new people. (I guess) But before the summer come, I have to do two things, the first one is to survive this hibernation and boring period, and the second thing I have to do now is TO GO HOME AND SLEEP because I am still walking on my way home. Good night!
Ana GreySheep
Profit From Poison ’zine

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