Slušaj najglasnije

The City Library of Belgrade will host on 31st of March and first April Zdenko Franjic, the initiator of the Zagreb independent label “Slušaj najglasnije!”, members of the group “Goribor” and other artists from Croatia and Serbia. Two documentary films about the Croatian independent music scene, three concerts and recitals are part of the short program of a two-day mini-festival.

“Slušaj najglasnije!” Is the first music independent record label in Croatia and former Yugoslavia. On “Slušaj najglasnije!” came out the first releases of Croatian bands Majke, Satan Panonski, Spoons, Messerschmitt, The Bambi Molesters … record label and publisher now works in Zagreb and has over 200 publications including many local performers.

“Goribor”  is a band from Bor, founded in 1988. So far they have released six studio albums. The first five, and the live album were issued on “Slušaj najglasnije”, and the last album from 2007. and the single “Sjajne niti” with Zagreb record label “Dancing Bear”. Only release of the band that came out in Serbia is the last album, released on the label “Automatik”.

THURSDAY, 31 March 2011.
Roman Hall, Belgrade City Library
Knez Mihailova 56

LOU PROFA – DAILY rock star – a music documentary about Lou Profa, the first Croatian punk.
Film by Andrej Lukaček.

ZORAN TRKLJA – short recital

EKONOMSKI TEHNIČARI – Drinking (Željko Ljubić, writer, guitarist of “Goribor” and a member of the project / group “Babylonci”) and wandering DJ Zdena (Zdenko Franjić, the owner of the Zagreb label “Slušaj najglasnije!”)

FRIDAY, 1 April 2011.
Roman Hall, Belgrade City Library
Knez Mihailova 56

O ČEMU SE TU RADI!? („What is it about!?“) – Music documentary on the Zagreb and Rijeka scene + promotion “10th bombing of New York “compilation edited by” Slušaj najglasnije!”.
Film by Dražen Karakaš-Klit .

COMBO (Saša Zorić ), a member of the Knjaževač group „Kodagain“.
Babylonci – project / group composed of members of the group, “Goribor” Hrvoje Stančin-HRC (owner of Studio “Green Zone” and the “XXX” and Zdenko Franjić (Wandering DJ Zdena, “Slušaj najglasnije!”) + Surprise guests.

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