At the end of fall of 2005 lonely duo Milena Milutinovic and Boris Vlastelica, which were the backbone of the band Spleeners, meets bass-player Ana-Maria Cupi. Some of their favourite bands are Sonic Youth, Ramones, Idoli, Sarlo Akrobata.

They decided to form Repetitor, first performances followed in the beginning of 2006 in the Belgrade club Blue Moon. In 2008 they released their CD “Sve što vidim je prvi put”.

Short interview:

1. Does the melancholy of your songs have something to do with life in Belgrade?

Maybe so, because i don’t even see the melancholy in them. Melancholy is a passive state, and i see our songs as active. But life in Belgrade definitely effects them, maybe even more than than the music we listen.

2. Your favourite local space for concerts?

Maybe Dom Omladine, the small club, and Akademija. But there is not alot of good clubs for concerts in Belgrade.

3. Do you have a favourite style of melancholic song written by other popular bands (such as, whatever, The Cure, Nirvana, Joy Division, Hüsker Du, ex-yu bands i dont know…etc blabla)

Malcolm Mooney, the first singer of Can. And Mark Sandman of Morphine. I know i could think of more.

4. In which time and town would you like to go with your band if time-travelling was possible (future destinations like Bitterfeld 2013 allowed. Amselfeld 1389 forbidden.)

New York 1978, or Belgrade 1981

5. Your favourite record and/or influence?
the first record of the Ramones.

6. Favourite books?
Vasko Popa – “Nepocin polje”

Belgrade modern post war (wwII) poet

7. Favourite films?
Not sure, never been sure.

8. Lately got problems with the police? (or felt protected by the police?)

All kinds of problems, ‘cose they are not allowed to solve real crime, becose real criminals and big drug dealers are well protected, and they have to bust somebody, so they look for kids usually finding only weed, like it’s the biggest problem. That happend to me. But the problem is there is too many of them on the streets, and nobody i know feels safer, it’s just the oposite. I got beat up by some club’s security once for no reason, so i called them, and they came and said there is nothing they can do and then took of. So they are not there when you need them. And you can’t report a policeman to the police. I mean you can but nothing will happend.

But that is far far better then back in the days of Milosevic, when they were beating up any person they wanted. http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=H0sFySAoQfQ Belgrade people don’t trust the police, and don’t like them generaly, even they are not that brutal now. And they are much more professional with strangers, and avoid stoping them, so you can relax.

9. Do you ever miss the existence of squatted cultural centres near you, as they partly dominate the subcultural scenes in some countries?

Yes we do. All state owned old buldings are beeing sold to tycoons for parking lots, megamarkets, hotels, and casinos, because they are too powerfull. The other problem is that Belgrade has many homeless, mostly gipsy people and they need shelter, so they’r always looking for abandoned places.

10. Favourite space where you had a concert?

The concert we had in Zagreb, Croatia in january. 400 people in a small club, unbelivable crowd. There was always a connection between Zagreb and Belgrade in a cultural way. Some Zagreb’s old bands like Haustor are bigger in Belgrade then in Zagreb and that works the other way.

11. Do you think people are manipulated by the media, or would be all the same if they owned the media?

Oh yes i do, and it’s common knowledge these days. Media to the people? We tried that, didn’t we? It didn’t work. Nice in teory thou, and can work for some time, but it ends up even worse.

12. Favourite local band that already existed when your band didnt exist?

There’s a scene from the ’90s that is still active. I like “Jarboli” the most, but i also like “Obojeni program”(from Novi sad) “Kanda kodza i Nebojsa”, “Veliki Prezir”(from Vrbas), early works of “Darkwood dub”…

Also one band from 1981. – “Sarlo Akrobata” maybe the best band that this city ever had. The bass player formed “Disciplin A Kitschme” later, also a great band that still exists.

But the Belgrade scene has woken again in the 2004-2006 period when many good bands were made.

13. “Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldnt have fallen in love with?” (Buzzcocks)
ummm yes

14. Do you miss Yugoslavia? (or the GDR?) Or some of its products?

I don’t remember Yugoslavia. I was 4 when the war started in 1991 and when country collapsed, and i’m half Croatian half Serbian. Butt i know well that people were much more free in socialist Yugoslavia then in GDR. They could play rock ‘n’ roll or travel to London, or New York, or do anything as long it’s not a political action against the regime, so it is regarded as a good old days here, when people lived better then now. Rock ‘n’ roll scene was very strong during ’80s. I don’t long for that time, i long for close partnership with neighburing states because i’m getting sick of small minds locked in their small states, hating their neighbours, who are basicly the same as them. Serbia has lost 2 wars in the last 15 years and the majority of the public feels as Serbs are the victoms of the West. It’s like living in Weimar Germany sometimes.

15. Your favorite words of one of your songs (translated to english?)

brekfast keeps me calm, that’s why i skip it

Their song “ja” translated to english:

I’m high as a house
I do not have a lot of things
I wear everything one over another
I do not have many friends
I don’t need no one to tell me he likes me
I don’t need no one to tell me he likes me
I often talk to myself alone
my head is a depository of stupid things
my head
I do not have many friends
I don’t need no one to tell me he likes me
I don’t need no one to tell me he likes me


Ja, ja sam visok kao kuća

ja nemam mnogo stvari

ja nosim sve sa sobom

ja nemam mnogo prijatelja

ne treba mi niko da mi kaže da me voli

ne treba mi niko da mi kaže da me voli

ja često pričam sam sa sobom

moja glava je stovarište glupih stvari

moja glava

ja, nemam mnogo prijatelja

ne treba mi niko da mi kaže da me voli

ne treba mi niko da mi kaže da me voli


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