They are a female punk-rock band from Vinkovci, formed in August/2007, Nina as a vocal, Lucy as a guitarist and Ruby as a drummer, but the story of the band started before,  Lucy and Ruby played some while alone in the basement.  They started practicing in August for their first gig  in Kildares Pub (Vinkovci). Afterwards they found Emma (back vocal), Iva (bass) and Lea (keyboards)..   Currently they plan and record an EP.
KONTAKT: RUBY: ruby-d-pank@hotmail.com, LUCIJA: lucija.ivsic@gmail.com


Nina – vocals
Emma – quarterback vocals
Ruby – drums
Lucia – guitar
Iva – bass
Lea – keyboards

Here is some questions and answers, answered by Ruby:

1. Who writes lyrics in your band and does she (who writes) also write other things (like poetry or short storys)?

Lucija (guitar) writes songs, yes she writes a short storys, and stuff like that..

2. Your favourite local space for concerts?

We don’t have a lot of spaces for concerts in our town, but I would say that the favorite space is where we having rehearsals..
But the only place in our town, where you can have concert is rock cafe “Walkow”

3. Are famous girl bands of the past (like Slits, Runaways) an influence for you or is it of no importance if they are female or male as long as they are good?

Hm not really, our band spontaneously became an all-girl band..
It’s not like that we had an idea that we want a girl band, it was spontaneous, we started as a three girl band, so we just decided that we’re going to be a girl band 😀

4. In which time and town would you like to go with your band if time-travelling was possible (future destinations like Bitterfeld 2013 allowed)

Hmmmmm dunno at the moment…

5. Your favourite record and/or influence?

My favorite record is from “The Distillers-Coral Fang”

6. Favourite books?

I don’t like reading..

But the rest of the band really like it.. I know that Lucija’s favorite book is “The Idiot” from “F.M. Dostoyevsky”

7. Favourite films?
This is England, Running with scissors, White oleander, Charlie Bartlett, Detroit rock city, Jackass, The Addams Family…..
drama and comedy mostly 😀

8. Lately got problems with the police? (or felt protected by the police?)

Hm no, we’re not a troublemakers 🙂

10. Favourite space where you had a concert?

Hmmm.. Zagreb and Pozega..

11. Are you influenced by feminist movements of pop culture like rriot grrl movement or other political influences?

Not really, like i said in some question, we’re just a normal band, girl band..

12. Favourite local band that already existed when your band didnt exist?

Band “The Karambol”

13. “Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldnt have fallen in love with?” (Buzzcocks)

Haha, no, never 😀

14. Do you miss Yugoslavia? (or the GDR?) Or some of its products?

We’re only 17 and 18, we didn’t live then so we don’t know how was it…

15. Your favorite words of one of your songs (translated to english?)

from our song “Zelena” (“Green”)

In my head
There’s a million worlds
When I walk, every step is different
And sometimes better world, seduce me
And sometimes better world, seduce me

this is from our song “Bez Potrebe” (“Without a purpose”)

you said to me, that you want me
and you said, that you don’t care for the others
and you got me, and now you’re leaving
I, I’m staying and I don’t care for anyone

I, I’ve got my attitude
though you don’t see it
and I, I can say No
though you don’t hear it
and I, I can do everything
without you


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