BANJA LUKA am Samstag, 14. Juni 2008 09:39
Just arrived in Banja Luka i ran into Kratkofil film festival that is screening mostly short films for the second year now from june 11th-15th. It is happening split up in the locations of the cinemas Palas (Trg Krajine downstairs) and Kozara (Sime Solaje), the Dom Omladine and the terrace of the old Boska shopping mall, which offers a great view onto the green hills around Banja Luka and the investment ruin of a building across the street. Sadly the idea of open air screening has failed so far due to really hard rain. On my first day I watched only some polish contemporary films and the queer/lesbian/gay part of the programme. The latter was mostly dedicated to the idea of queer identity self-discovery and being discovered by others. The queer films i saw some weeks ago in Berlin were surely more radical in their refusal of typical identity problems but those shown here were also good films, I especially liked the film “Family reunion” from iceland.
I felt very welcome, as the festival team did invite me when they heard that i came all the way from Germany. On friday and saturday, there were also concerts. I especially like the band Repetitor from Belgrade, who played some sort of stop and go postrock (oh that was the other band, i missed Repetitor that day). On Saturday I saw some short films that went more into the direction of documentary short films. I mostly liked the film “Wrestling” from Iceland. a film about a farmer and wrestler, a traditional sport in iceland, that lived a life all dedicated to work and eventually found oil on his grounds, sold his house and made known his love for a man, his friend, also a wrestler. This was also the festival winner. I also liked “Baca Janos Cerven”, about a shepherd in Slovakia. On sunday I went into “The mole” (Der kleine Maulwurf or Krtek by Zdenek Miller) classical czechoslovakian children’s animation with Selma (4 years old). Good to know that she understood everything even though it was in serbian language. Sadly she was the only child in the cinema and not much other viewers either, sunday morning… Then there was the great final party and I promised to come back again next year and invite everyone to the Leipzig Dokumentary film festival in october…
BANJA LUKA am Sonntag, 22. Juni 2008 16:07
so here i am. me, franziska, by myself in banja luka. after spending 10
days in belgrad i rented a little flat in Banja Luka. With balcony in
the upper floor of an single family house with seperate entrance. its
really cool to have a room 4 my own, because since i`m abroad i slept
in shared places: in a bus a hostel and the flat of berengere. Today i
met Dejan from Deutsche Welle Radio Station and Zeljana from the Newspaper Nezavisne. Both of them did Interviews with me concerning Visionerski Tranport. As soon as i receive the article/ the radio feature i`ll put it in the blog! It´s basically to hot for everything, it has 31 degrees in Banja Luka!
BANJA LUKA am Dienstag, 1. Juli 2008 23:40
I think today its about 35° degrees. In my room I feel like in the installation “Rear Window (Story No. 6)”
of Anny und Sibel Öztürk, they reconstructed the living room of their
Great Aunt from Istanbul and included furniture and atmosphere from
their childhood memory: it is dark and hot; loud road noise can be
heard, voices talking thrown, the curtains blowin, the light and
automobile headlight past the window.
I try to learn the behaviour of the locals: close the jalousie and the curtains in the
early morning (you`ll not stand the heat during the day otherwise) and
open the windows wide in the night. And I try to structure my day in
an, for me, unusual way: getting up really early, work a little till
the midday heat is knocking me out, rest a little in an air-conditioned
café or in my shaded flat and than continue round 4 or 5. its not easy
to get used to it..So the hardrock café, where they have wireless, is
closing now. I`ll continue tomorrow! Franziska
BANJA LUKA am Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008 23:37
so, i`m back from belgrade, i met aleksandar there from manisent i mentalnost maybe they wan`t to help us in organisation of our final party in belgrade..and i talked to kristian from arkabarka
so we could land our raft there and this could be definitly the right
location for the mini festival, he`s also willing to invite some
musicans and help with equipment! and in banja luka i met boris from buk the second time, he knows some people how can help us out with the boat engine. he mentioned one called TOMOS
they are not producing them anymore but we can buy them used, he told
me they are like unbreakable and really easy tu use and to repair. he
told me about an old military camp close to banja luka where we can
possibly buy a lot of the stuff we need there!Franziska
BANJA LUKA am Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2008 23:18
I finally managed by myself to register at the foreign affairs office of Banja Luka. of course first i was sent to the very wrong end of the line, like for car registration;-) but than a polite lady guided me through the jungle of MUB, asking more than 5 people, to a police officer who didn’t even manage to figure out from which country my passport is…he was like: Austria? Netherlands? And I was like no nemačka..but at the end I had to pay two convertible marks and got this little white paper with the stamp. and so i stopped being afraid that the same like two years ago in croatia will happen to me again (because there they nearly put us to jail because of having no registration and trying to escape the rain in a barn..)
I learned some new expressions I really like:
Nema više – no more
hajde – come on
može – ok, alright
ispod crte- under the line
sve u redu – it`s alright
Hlana- Watermelon
pola- half
videčemo- we`ll see
I mean I`m still so far away from speaking the local language but at least i`ve the impression my listening comprehension is getting better…and i learned how to cook myself turkish coffee. still it tastes really different from the ones you can get in a very few of the bunch of cafe-places in Banja Luka..they say one has to go to Sarajevo for the real coffee experience..
and i loaned dejans old bike and i can start going along the vrbas to check out a place where to build the raft and to start the trip. i think i`m going on sunday because during the week, even if its mostly just one date per day, or maybe like one offical and one more private everything takes always more time..sometimes i call first and than they say, call me again in two hours,or “oh he extended his holidays for a few days.. ” and than when i call again: okay lets met in three hours.. even if we settled a date for ten in the morning.. but of course its just an example in general the people are always before me on our meeting points.maybe they think germans are always in time- well i`m mostly five minutes late…
yesterday i met jadranko, he studies fine arts in belgrade and i think he`s really connected in Banja Luka, even if he`s not living here anymore, and zelimir, he´s going to be an architect and is doing a weekly radio show at BIG radio and it was great. because it was just so very normal to talk to them, not constructed at all and they gave me some helpfull advices as well. and one of Jadrankos favourite movies is You and me and everyone we know, which i like lot, too. miranda july, the director and main actress is running the learning to love you more website….i can really recommend this!

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