polska malca

polska malca are an older hc/punk band from southern part of slovenia, their sound could  be described as spiritual core, it resembles also the jazzcore or postrock styles popular in the nineties like nomeansno or shellac. here is some answers:

1. How is going with your plans for another tour through europe?

1.Were currently in the making of a new material,were planing to finish until fall.After that were planing to go to the studio and record it and them we will look a good promoter.Were planing a Europe tourney,including Balkan.

2. Your favourite local space for concerts?

2. We have a space in Krsko and a association(But’n Hrup’n)Weve already had a lot of concerts.And our tour will most likely start there.

3. Did you have also local (slovenian) influences when you developed your musical style of spiritual core or (hm) “jazz-core”.

3. No, because we made the music out of heart,head and soul,thats why they named it Spirytual Core in Germany, we agreed with that.

4. In which time and town would you like to go with your band if time-travelling was possible (future destinations like Bitterfeld 2013 allowed)

4.San Paoli,Brasil 2020,but i fear that will not be possible,beacuse a great change is upon us,before 2012,or more accuratly 21.12.2012,when the cosmic cycle ends (on the Mayan calendar).

5. Your favourite record and/or influence?

5.Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegatbles:Dead Kennedys

6. Favourite books?

6. World Cataclysm 2012, Mayan predictions, How to survive 2012.

7. Favourite films?

7. Apocalypto, 300, The day after Tomorrow.

8. Do you ever miss the existence of squatted cultural centres near you, as they partly dominate the subcultural scenes in some countries?

8. No,  because we created our own culture.

9. Favourite space where you had a concert?

9. .Bochum,Wuppertal,Basel,Frankfürt,Salzburg,Skopje,Zagreb

10. Growing up in the eighties in Krsko (as i suppose you did), was it difficult to be into “punk” in a provincial town?

10.Especially provincial people and the stupid ass police.

11. Favourite local band that already existed when your band didnt exist?


12. “Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldnt have fallen in love with?” (Buzzcocks)

12. Great song.And ofcourse ive fallen in love with someone i shouldnt’ve fallen in love with.lol

14. Do you miss Yugoslavia? (or some of its waste materials)?

14.I miss Yugoslavia,and all those advanced people from that time,which never comes back.

15. Your favorite words of one of your songs (translated to english?) (ha ha, question i asked most of the bands, but you dont seem to have so many words)

15.Polska Malca was an instrumental band,and it remains instrumental,but a name of the song Il si lud,Il si Robin Hood which means Either your crazy or your Robin Hood.

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