this is just to add something new… while i am sitting in this town, that looks so very much like belgrade but
isn’t (it has got a river, hills, an ugly train station..)
there is a new record by Multietnicka Atrakcija (s/t), my favourite band from the tape, it can be bought in cafe Šikarica (Skadarska 22, Belgrade) and B92 Shop (Makedonska 22, Belgrade) or via E-mail: and contains these songs
1. Minijaturna građevina 2. Disko gaj 3. Veliki grad 4. Jan Pavijan 5. Intermeco br.1 6. Džek pot u Las Vegasu 7. Multietnička Atrakcija 8. Hevi trak 9. N.L.O. 10. Intermeco br.2 11. Paklena pesma 12. Nece održati svoj koncert…
Also new video:

and there is also a new record by don vito released in april
10 new songs on a one-sided 12″… white 180g vinyl, handprinted flipside, free CD.
Co-released by Tremor Panda, Discorporate Records and Bar La Muerte.

And I still can recommend the Bernays Propaganda last years record “Happiness machines”, they seem to have recorded already a new one
Happiness machines:
Kill Me! / Are You Enjoying Being In Your Own Accompaniment? / Safe Left / Day Before I Disappear / Everything Will Fall Apart / I Don’t Want To Know / Anonymous Enemy / Homo Or Sapiens / Yuppie Dream / No Translation

Their new album “My Personal Holiday” will contain 9 songs, some in English, some in Macedonian, and the mastering will be taken care of by the almost legendary Carl Saff.
Expect the album sometime in May.

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