kriva istina

Kriva Istina is a band from Slavonski Brod. Here is some questions and answers:

1. I have the impression, that concerts in Germany are often a bit boring because the typical hc/punk audiences have seen so many bands, so that they are not easily excited anymore? When you were on tour in Germany did you also have this impression? Is it different in Croatia? Well, I think it’s pretty much the same everywhere. It’s hard to get swept away by a band that you’re listening for the first time unless they’re really special and original. Unfortunately Kriva Istina didn’t go on tour last summer beacause of our bass player obligations in college, but I was on tour with my other band called Faak Am See and we played two gigs in Germany. We were very well accepted in Frankfurt. People there were great and they seemed to enjoy our music. In Leipzig we played first and most of the people hadn’t came to the concert yet so we played in front of 20 people and also had some problems with the guitar because my guitar was stolen in Prague two days before, so I bought there a very cheap one which gave a pretty shitty sound. We had technical problems during the whole set so I reckon that people didn’t like us there. If the band has a few realeses it’s very likely that they’ll have a good support by the crowd in Croatia but that varies from town to town.

2. Your favourite local space for concerts? My favourite local space for concerts was a club called „Press Club.“ We did some great gigs there until it was closed.

3. Do you have a favourite style of melancholic song written by other popular bands (such as, whatever, The Cure, Bad Religion, Joy Division, Hüsker Dü, ex-yu bands i dont know…etc blabla) I really don’t have a favourite style of melancholic song. I think maybe some Foo Fighters songs like „Everlong“ and „Learn to fly“ bring me into a melancholic mood.

4. In which time and town would you like to go with your band if time-travelling was possible (future destinations like Bitterfeld 2013 allowed) I would say Athens 10 years from now and definitely Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Coppenhagen and maybe Stockholm.

5. Your favourite record and/or influence? My favourite record is Propagandhi’s Todays empires tomorrow’s ashes. I really like bands that combine agressive but melodic music with socially engaged and political lyrics. Bands that had the most influence on our work would be Propagandhi and Satanic Surfers.

6. Favourite books? Orwell’s 1984, Ernest Hemingway’s „For Whom The Bell Tolls“ and I really liked Kundera’s „Joke“

7. Favourite films? Shawshank Redemption, Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather, Forrest Gump and two serbian films Maratonci trce pocasni krug and Ko to tamo peva.

8. Lately got problems with the police? (or felt protected by the police?) Not really. Eight years ago I had some minor problems because of marijuana consuming. It’s illegal in Croatia and not decriminalized like in the most EU countries.

9. Do you ever miss the existence of squatted cultural centres near you, as they partly dominate the subcultural scenes in some countries? Yeah, I miss the squatted cultural centres because in my hometown it’s pretty hard to organise a HC punk gig because of lack of space. Squatting is not something that is common in Croatia. Most of the people who are not so much into punk and hardcore would consider squatting as stealing and so does the law. In Croatia hardcore punk bands usually play in clubs which attract all kinds of subcultures or in a local community places which are sometimes given to the NGOs for a concert by the local authorities.

10. Favourite space where you had a concert? I really liked club „United“ in Osijek. It’s a really nice place and at the moment I think it has the best music offer for the people who are into punk music in Croatia.

11. Do you have contacts to hc-punk scenes in bosanski brod or other BiH towns? Yeah, we have some contacts with people from Bosanski Brod. We even played there a couple of times and always had a nice time. Friends who organised our gigs were always very hospital and also often they visit gigs that we do in Slavonski Brod. Two months ago we played in Županja with a band called Izolanti from Banja Luka, they are also really great guys.

12. Favourite local band that already existed when your band didnt exist? I would have to say „Faul“ but they aren’t playing for some time now.

13. “Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldnt have fallen in love with?” (Buzzcocks) Unfortunately, yes.

14. Do you miss Yugoslavia? (or the GDR?) Or some of its products? I was born at the end of the year 1986 so I really can’t remember the products from that period of time because Yugoslavia fell appart in 1991. I remember that my father drove a car called Yugo which was manufactured in Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia was a communist state so it had a free college education, free health care, unemployment rates were low and it was much more easier to get a job and to start a life after graduating from university or high school than it is now. But also the state was represive because of media censorship and not allowing the criticism of Communist party so many dissidents and political opponents in Yugoslavia were killed by secrete services or sent to a labour camp called „Goli otok.“ I really can’t say I miss Yugoslavia as a whole but I miss some aspects like the fact that great amount of people from Serbia, Croatia and BiH were not so much weighted with nationalism and hatred towards each other like they are now after the war.

15. Your favorite words of one of your songs (translated to english?) Yesterday evening i was watching tv, some political show was on. Three people were there so i sat down and listened to what they had to say. Vote for me, die for me. Vote for me, die for me, so just believe and follow me. In the end all they said was some usual information (fuckin’ lies). I’ve heard a thousand lines which i’ve heard so many times before. We just have to be patient and obedient to see a beautiful life of tomorrow. But do they see our reality? (guess they don’t), people losing jobs and praying for better days to come. Vote for me, die for me, so just believe and follow me, well fuck off i want to be free.(of your bullshit).

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