interview with illuzije slobode

(read original interview in helly cherry zine or visit illuzije slobode on myspace, thanks, i just copied this)

HC: Illuzije Slobode (Illusions of freedom) is a new Fanzine in Serbia. Becej has gotten after several years an underground zine. Today, when this form of expression slowly dies, Bojan and Milan “counter force”. Talk to Milan begins with how and why a young man needs to do Fanzine … Early and short history …
IS: Actually, Bojan and I had the idea to make Fanzine before five or six years. Then we just move to high school and we believed we could contribute to the scene. When we gathered two and two, we realized that still need to mature a little more to make quality Fanzine. Personally, I’m not a supporter to do something in a hurry and sloppy and we waited to pass a few more years so that we as people matured, that we could read more and understand  the true meaning of punk as a way of life. In February this year, I asked Bojana can I rely on him to do a joint Fanzine what he agreed. We made an agreement that I do the written part, questions, pictures, and prepare while on the visual to make the effort to look nice and accessible.
The reasons “why there is a need that young people do Fanzines” are with me the following, I thought that I have what  to say. I think it  needs to be heard and said something different and not just what is delivered to consume. Also, I wanted to be creative, “free” and Fanzine is a real hit because it Fanzine as a kind of newspaper is not a classic for the simple reason that is not subject to censorship. So I can write whatever I want and how I want. Hopefully …

HC: What do you mean with “Illusions of personal freedom”?
IS: When we think Bojan and I how to give the name of the fanzine, we realized that we are going to write about serious things because we are in some way, and angry at the situation around us. Fanzine could not be credible or fun, if it doesn’t answer “why such fanzine, what for, which is the reason?”.
For me personally, “Illusions of Liberty” means a lot. Two words that speak a lot. I remember, for example. I was in high school read one lektira; “process” by Kafka, where I just wrote about the illusion that man is free, and that in fact, always observed. It is always a simple instrument man, and nothing else. I was a little touched in the action itself lectins … and yet we work rated as best in class. So, I realized the point. This is something that for me personally, “eats” a long time, the illusion that man is free because it provides us large hands “democracy.” Man was never free nor will it be nicer. They can change systems and types of the same, but it is still – the system, something that has its own procedure and it must be. Changes the only time a “they” are only refined (because it is experienced) and give us a booth more benefits and rights and apsorudno all this is that we all zarobljeniji to know more about us.

HC: What is the feeling of finally holding his newspaper in his hands?
IS: Frankly, I’m a bit and keep it. While the Fanzine is completed and printed, I read it a few times to see if there are any grammatical errors (and any of them) as well as other mistakes of nature. I know the whole Fanzine heart. Much like the more satisfaction when someone responds to the story and understand the point but that will talk about that to my Fanzine.

HC: What are the comments of readers?
IS: I’m surprised the comments ie. people from whom they came. When we had finished Fanzine I wish that we approach the people in this story, punkeri, people who are on the scene, who play … and to actually popričamo on a topic. Of course there is that but a little less than expected. Generally, people do not like to read. For me, punk was never music but the way razmilšljanja. I think that has punkera that do not play punk, but its behavior, meaning and the way in which to interpret and live the life they actually are.
This only proves how the punk scene has pozeraja and sincere punkera.
Novalja has a strong scene, a lot of young bands for such a small town. For example, one of the reasons why I started Fanzine is to include them in I Fanzine (in a manner which will be associates, which will, if you want to write something …) and make them more “hold” in the story. Because if you know only twenty bands when ‘eventually’ come to saturation. I’m here to give them a handful of new, good bands (if they already hate yourself interested). I can not so much explored the whole story and I’d probably come out of it long ago. But what is the point, that few read Fanzine although he had in his hands. While, on the contrary (such absurd) I Fanzine gave me some precious people (who may be listening and folk, pop, mainstream), and came to me with questions and interest are to many things. Of course, I remained surprised and somewhat driven crazy the whole situation.

HC: How did you satisfied with the response and reaction from readers since the Fanzine and more than is available at a cost of only 50 dinars? Is the low price that people are influenced a little and drew his interest?
IS: Well, I can say that I am satisfied with response of readers. Of course, today the best Fanzini not make circulations What are the rules say Fanzini the end of the eighties, early nineties (for many reasons). Low prices of course did not affect the people interested, because actually, whom to pay interest and 100 and 150th dinars. If we sold it for 20 CSD I think the response was absolutely the same. People came to me with the story to give them Fanzine but it will give me the money some other way because they do not, which of course is ridiculous. While there were people who purchased ten pieces, twenty in cugu … The first could only get something else while these other fanzines that get paid.

HC: How would you said # 1? It’s probably hard to be objective, but an attempt. How you’re satisfied?
IS: I think I can be objective because it is not perceived as a personal satisfaction, something that is mine, but only as a means by which I shall give its opinion, idea, message. I think the quality Fanzine. I read a lot of other zines, and then know what may be the positive side and what is negative. Of course, I used the best and with their own creativity and ideas made authentic Fanzine. I personally do not rate it but if the only objection (and only older fanzinaša who see less) that the font size in some small interviews, it is believed Fanzine good (if they are stated as the only complaint). Also, coming only positive comments and reactions. I guess this means that the Fanzine good.

HC: According to you personally, what’s wrong with fanzines and what will you do in a future?
IS: We wanted to pretrpavamo in the first issue with the ideas because we wanted the first number just to “touch” the ground. Menu is one of the aims of the fanzine was to engage people in the same, because we like other admirers of music we do not have access to cultural centers that will satisfy our needs. I am not a supporter of people to be on the street, idle, but to be creative and to some purpose. I met my goal because I applied for a lot of other people to do something. It says two things, that I am fulfilled its goal and that young people really are affected and to actually cry for some of their needs and the state about it does nothing.
… So we have the following number of column of our sugrađanke Helen (who is a longtime activist, volunteer, anarchists) in the form of its position on the human style, conformity, consumerism, human rights … something will have to write. It is the right person for this because it is traveled a lot so we can first hand how to make a comparison here and how the outside. Milos, on temporary work in Slovenia, we again dočarao a concert. This time we will have reviews of concerts and views of the same Saleta, Varvara, Sarah … that all makes sense to speak and the fact that the guys from the band “Ljubisa Samardzic” interested in the drawings that Sideburns may be one that adorned their next release. There was a lot of them even do not know if we will put them all in the second number.

HC: The new number is planned for the end of this year. This talk of people read the month of November so you this is an ideal opportunity to predstaviš and najaviš. What will be able to find it?
IS: The second number is in contrast to the first issue made entirely with voice recorder (the first was done via e-mail), but with Colin (as he is in London). The second number will be, ahem, cumbersome … at some 100th maybe 120th pages, I do not know. But not boring to promise, what is more, the menu is better than the first. The other number I tried to introduce people from the world of punk (and ska music), to learn more about themselves and adventure in which the bands played. So we have another number for an interview with Colin Smith (lead singer of British band “The Blood”), my favorite foreign band … then there is an interview with Guido Obradovic (I think it should be something special present, enough is known), Alexander smuk ( “The Bayonets,” “Bomber” and many other bands that people may not know that he played), Jelena Galetin (at the request of many male audiences, saksofonistkinja in Mamurlook “band and ex-” Carousel “) and a great interview with Vujom related to “Trulli Coalition” … of course avoided the standard questions. And much more truly will be there, and one funny interview but did not disclose everything.

HC: What do you think that more signs of the development scene, the band or the Fanzine? Sometimes I believe that Fanzini mean more bands today in the era of the Internet is not a problem represent the …
IS: I do not know the answer to this question. From simply because I know who plays in several bands. Such people then have no importance or can transmit the message. As interpreted more as punk music bands probably play a crucial role, no matter what some bands or have a particular message.
Internet is a very useful thing and the question is how will a man to use. Can a lot to learn, to see and hear. Sometimes they are very Fanzini meant more bands and thus connect the scene. Previously it is any more honest, but you should turn to the past, but how and what we can do at this time. Personally I am a supporter fanzines in writing because it is something that remains forever, which is tangible and has a soul. Fistra (Ljubisa Samardzic “) is perhaps best described it when I told impressions about our fanzine, said something like,” When I went to the mailbox and opened the package and pomirisao Fanzine I knew that the quality and have a soul. “Menu personally, our Fanzine not smell so beautiful because it is recycled paper in question! 🙂

HC: How is today the fanzinaštvo (s) price and whether it is outdated and obsolete the internet? How for example we HCu manage to convey the spirit of such a paper fanzinaški this organization “number by number, and etc. …?
IS: Well, certainly the appearance of the Internet caused as good and some bad things that have influenced the scene. Again raises the question of how much to people really interested. I read the paper fanzines, reading fanzines and online means Internet did not affect “bad” for me. Internet is a good tool for you as fanzinaš’re at a loss (the most fanzinaša or zero or a small loss), no strike about sending parcel, the very availability is endless but I have more supporters paper zines.
I do not know how you manage to transfer the paper fanzinaški spirit, but since the support and someone to read from you, so if you are interested in fanzines, will take it and learn first-hand. And then you have certainly helped in that. It is cooperation on the scene.

HC: What makes good on you interview and you must necessarily Email this kind of interview we do will be worse than rađenog live?
IS: A good interview may not always be conciseness. Good interviews are especially good questions and then the good answers. To be a good question you have to know the band and their activities. I can not now “Truloj Coalition” to ask questions as they have the album, who is a member of the band … I mean, it is meaningless. For bands that are longer on the scene usually try to take out some pikanterije, something which is unlikely located elsewhere to read. But it is quite normal when it comes to a band that is just beginning to set the basic questions.
Does not have an interview via e-mail will be worse. In fact, there have two things. If those questions which are forwarded to the mood to write and respond properly, the interview will be Okay by me, better than live. It will be concise, pogodiće core issues and not equivocate as they know usually live. When doing an interview live, it is mainly a concert before or after the concert, people are mostly small and drink and know to go from the core issues. And the other thing is that the vast majority of questions you receive an e-mail, hates to write them and then give a response halfway or that classic “to” no “… it is something najgluplje which can happen to you and me now and I hope not is not.

HC: How are you doing them generally?
IS: And lo, the first number in its entirety followed by e-mail and the other almost entirely went live. And nothing was planned. But how we come to that point. Takes the opportunity to be so. For the third number we have now for a live and one via e-mail. Try in the third number to interview the Argentine band “To-Skate” and the Chilean “CAS” (great bands!) So that to go through e-mail.

HC: Towards the end, why some fanzinaši (and more) numbered questions and what it means to them? 🙂
IS: Well, to me it is a landmark, help me so. Maybe you had a chance to uočiš the Fanzine systematic, neat, no “throw” the texts on all sides. I love that in real life, and behold, it transmits and on paper! 🙂
No other reason.

HC: Now, from this perspective I ask you what you learned about fanzinaškom “work”? Do you now appreciate more the people who do their ZIN?
IS: I appreciated them before and now I appreciate them more. I think that would be much easier when you went to one and the other party (fanzinaš and band) were mutually interested in the interview. This has a lot of turbulence, whether sent or not, and promise not to send …
Is hard, draw a lot of energy and time consuming. I could not wash the continuity that you have, so fast refresh information; certainly takes a lot of time and I do not like slavery nothing, not even time. You any honor.


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