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(A) je to 3 from 15th to 16th january in Sarajevo read programme

A report from second (A) je to! festival of anarcho-punk in Sarajevo 15th to 17th January 2009

Our dear friends and girlfriends, finally the second (A) je to! fest 09 was successfully held. Same location, almost the same team (with the addition of younger folks who were not at the first Fest), socializing and scoff as always on the anarchist punk gathering – great. Before you read on, it is my personal vision of the celebrations, of course, subjective. So if you have things to add or subtract, go. All who have read the report of last year, feel free to skip first paragraph because it is identical.

Why did we organize anarchopunk festival? The idea to organize an anarchopunk festival is several years old. planned among the team for the future, at a time when there was a central organisation for anarchist activities in BiH. Unfortunate combination of circumstances we were temporarily distant from each other, but our friendship has not stopped, and the ideas were developed in the meantime and  only strengthened. Performing throughout the country, we had a lot of opportunity to introduce the wonders of young people into an environment of very advanced understanding, but also to see the scenes that we thought that were long ago overcome. Violent silence that followed in the audience after last lines, the unwillingness to listen to and understand the story that the band tells in between songs, hackneyed local patriotism and patriotism … The need for action within the „scene“ was obvious. Initiating anarchopunk alliance that will constantly work among the team, allow them access to relevant information about the punk and anarchist movement, insist on the DIY approach and the fight against all kinds of prejudice, was the first step. Another important step was the organization of the anarchopunk festival, which will gather most of us in one place, to bring engaged bands from ex-yu, to enable the team to know anarchist publishing, through screenings and activist and punk movies, to see the link between the two, to determine the various possibilities of creative engagement.

Thursday – first day of the festival
The festival began with street actions of „Food not bombs“ collectives consisting of teams from Ex-Yu. Action is, as usual in Sarajevo, very successful. People come to us, speak with us, showed their support, ate, took flyers and other materials. For this opportunity we copied leaflets „What is anarchism,“ the leaflet, which invited to the protest in front of the Greek Embassy on Friday (in the organization of „autonomous block“) and the leaflet that was on one side containing information on food not bombs idea and practice, and with other containing program of (A) it is! festival. If we had not broken copy machine, flyers would be a lot more. With the help of Sarajevo folks we all distributed them. After the operation, we moved to the cinema, which will in the next three days be our common base. In the cinema panel discussions and screenings were held on the topic of queer idea and all that was happening in September during the Queer festival. The panel I attended because I was at that time settling the exhibition and at the same time careful about expected showing up of hooligans / Wahhabis or supporters. They didn‘t show up.

The following is a report from the panel Queer: Within the framework of another „(A) je to“ festival, on the premises of cinema 1st May, on Thursday 15.01.2009. held public forums with the projection of a still uncompleted film about the events and developments that have followed first Queer Festival in Sarajevo. Despite concerns that this panel could find same fate as last years queer fest at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, it is still the joy of all of us did not happen. Head of the panel were members of the Association Q, which are in discussion with the attendees presented the idea and history of the movement which is fighting for the rights of LGBTIQ persons. It passed great, and the only trouble was a small number of people (20 persons). This festival is by its nature open to all (except for the fascist) and aimed at building better relations between people (among other aims), is also wanted by the panel to show and confirm the same. However, to the visitors (local punks, older Sarajevo folks) for whom this festival and work is done, it seems to us that‘s not an well acquainted opinion. For Queer is not only to be gay or lesbian, queer means to be different. Well, my dear visitors and dear supporters, think, is this a festival, like all the other festivals, and are you the same as everyone else? Or are we different?

Afterwards folks had a chance to look and comment on the exhibition of works from the workshop Kre (A) KTIV staff (who are slowly but surely spreading). A projection of the film „The Linux Code“ which is unfortunately just by a small number of people watched up to the end, but as for me it is important that they had the opportunity, so let them stay away. Team from the autonomous block is to show short films from Greece. By the end of working hours DJ Denza and DJ Bijar are playing  punk hits and warming up folks in the cinema until the morning. I think the space is filled with about seventy people, as well as last year. During the evening we received the news that to most of us is bad news, that Tatjana is sick and can not come, so that there will be no lectures „Rape and sexual assault in the anarchist and activist community“ and the workshop „Communication about sexuality“ (for which a large number of people expressed a special interest).

Friday: the second day of the festival
Day began with the workshop for making T-shirts, and now Tatjana could not come to this workshop until late afternoon. At the same time the food not bombs team gathered and cooked grub for all the heaven (the participants and visitors). During the day the local and team from the HR and SR cooked. After dinner tables are set with the distro, much more modest than last year. I am glad that the local folks this time were very interested in the distro. Many people asked why „Sto Citas“ did not come . This year the anarchist punk association offered its first two editions: Benefit compilation for the Fest „Svi u borbu za socijalnu pravdu“ (All in the struggle for social justice) which is made with a year of delay (more than ever to never) and the split CD „Unutrasnja Emigracija-Tranzicija / Hocu? Necu!- Crvena“ There was no film projection (the responsible person has abandoned the responsibilities three days before the celebrations, while others have already had enough and were not able to devote the projections in the right way).

20:30 Room filled with people in which performed Rapa Nui, Unutrasna Emigracija, Geneticka controla and Hocu? Necu!. Since I have all the time each day (except during concert of Unutrasnja Emigracija) worked on the bar or the door, so I can not write anything in particular about the concert, but I am sure that someone else already wrote, so you will not be deprived of the report. Again there was some violent silence, but fortunately less than last year, but this time it was stage-diving and that was great to see. I managed only to notice that the Motherpig and Zivot pise Drame were better than ever, FEK very good, Geneticka controla also dislike good as always, and Hocu?Necu! are astonishing. Visits was about as well as last year about two hundred tickets sold, and those that are entered by two to one, etc. What was not good on Friday, was the waiter who worked in the cafe of cinema. Let alone he was populist and brought someone worse who later fought with him, but we stop them somehow and urge them out.
Fortunately didn‘t return, and the waiter on Monday received the cancellation.

Third day of the festival. Although the team (albeit mostly laying) was present and responsible persons appeared at the time of the workshop „recycling“, however, is not held. Responsible person considers that the workshop is intended primarily to people from Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina and was not considered necessary to work out with people who were present. Regret. Promotion of the book „Perspectives of participatory democracy“ and discussions about self and the social movements in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe and the world is held in time with the presence of something more than twenty people. The discussion was very interesting, and peoples interest showed the direction in which the activist movements go in BiH, the good, the bad sides and their whole range. We believe everyone learned a lot of things, but at this point the festival allows joint learning from each other. Film projection is not held.

Like the previous night at 20:30 the concert started, and played the Zivot pise Drame, Fek, Motherpig and dislike. After the concert began socializing with free beer. Morning I was welcomed with a smashed glass by the entrance door, and figure that it is broke and the driver not there, left the phone number and promised to pay him what was done.

I believe that each for himself drew certain lessons, but I will mention one that I drew myself. Although we as well as last year, made the meeting and planning of the festival item by item some of the people who have taken over responsibility gave up. Regardless of whether they are disappointed because some of their suggestions have not been accepted (although some others have) or later realize that they do not match the concept of the festival, it would be fair to us to drop at least three p.m. the day before, and to consult other people who want to work. So in future we must try to rely on a team that in the current job turned out as reliable and responsible, and from the very beginning of planning and organization of the festival also introduce younger folks. In my opinion the film screenings on these mass meetings showed as redundant because most people want to socialize and difficult to maintain their attention on the hour or hour and a half duration of the film. Screenings and workshops (except those for the widest circle of people such as T-shirts) is the best work regardless of the festival or on the day when there is no concert. Thematic workshops makes sense to work only the late afternoon because the people of BiH and all the others already there. To be able to do everything we had planned to start early, at a time when most local teams resting from the previous night, and remained in sightseeing. One of folks suggested that it was because of Sunday. Perhaps the best solution to try next year, workshops and screenings aimed at people from Bosnia and Herzegovina to work on Wednesday and Thursday. These days certainly has no courses, no schools, no other events, and Sundays are usually all tired after three days celebrations. In some segments there is an evident progress in comparison with previous year. First, the program is, in my opinion, much better designed. We really listen to the things that we can directly relate to as a collective and as a „scene“. Because of violence during the Queer festival in Sarajevo, and especially because of prejudice towards the queer population present both in society and in the „scene“, we felt that this topic is important to cover in the right way. After last year‘s festival, is a controversy about sexism observed in individuals, and definitely did not solve and with such a lecture and workshop on this topic should help us all to learn something. Unfortunately Tatjana is ill, but can come later to the festival.
Discussion on the topic of theory and practice of self-proved to be a hit. As in Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently formed by activist movements who know what they are against, but not what they stand for, it is of great importance to openly talk about the various models of participation of broader circles of people in decision-making, about the experiences of social movements in the past and perspectives of local movement today. If we want to build new relationships in society it is time to start thinking and talking about them.

Workshops where we can learn practical things such as recycling proved very important (repair damage which is not made, but definitely needs to be done during festival) and make a T-shirt that has attracted a large number of people. Music itself was better than last year, bands seriously understand the idea of the festival and take effort to complete the set on time so that it is not too late when the last band plays their songs.

The way to the bar was illuminated, and thereby also worked better than last year. All arrangements (space, bar, equipment) are performed more seriously than last year, so from that side there was no problem. We covered the costs for everyone who participated in the festival,  as is agreed.

Plus minus
This time would be a minus, and less than last year. Amounted to about 60 KM. Minus would not do, nor whether the individual from a band (I have not personally seen it so I will not even designate) not only opened unopened cask beer (more than half open, we share), which costs 60 KM. Him on the cheek. However someone (is not clear how or when) stole a laptop worth around 1400 km, which we had given Dino and Lorena for projections. It is thrown into the terrible minus, which will Alisa have to repay together with us. If any of you who may read this and wants to help please contact us.

Do your own, brothers and sisters:
This time we have been able to organize and hold a festival that is totally DIY. DIY in the sense that we have not sought nor received money from anyone except visitors, we were selling tickets by symbolic price of 5 KM to enable us to pay the costs of all participants. I have noticed that a lot of people this time avoid to pay the full price tickets, although in any other case in Sarajevo for the performance of only one band spent as much, and probably more money.

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